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Track Your PR Results With Tribe Builder Media’s New Analytics Software

Tribe Builder Media now provides its clients with comprehensive AI and data-science backed tools to track your PR results and drive new business.

New York, NY, Oct. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Danielle Sabrina, founder of Tribe Builder Media and one of CIO’s 2018 Female Entrepreneurs to Follow, has announced the rollout of the company’s comprehensive analytics software to track PR results — taking this proven results-driven media agency to the next level.

With team members coming from backgrounds in journalism, linguistics and digital marketing, Tribe Builder Media has over a 90% success rate getting clients featured in top-tier publications. They develop top-notch thought leadership and provide insight beyond best-guess metrics like ad equivalency and reach/readership to prove tangible impact. The agency’s foundation of artificial intelligence and machine learning offers infinite ways to segment, break down, and track PR results exactly how clients need it in real time.

PR ResultsTribe Builder Media’s new software features full-fidelity data and comprehensive campaign reporting, so clients can now listen, analyze, and optimize its PR campaign/strategy in real-time. These tools quantify PR’s influence on business results and enable clients to build the most effective communication strategies.

The analytics also include:

TACK PR RESULTS: Against historicals • Compared to industry averages • Versus the best in class

COMPETITIVE COMPARISON: Measure your competitive Share of Voice and Share of Voice over time, and use data to discover what is and isn’t working for the competition

USE SOCIAL & TRAFFIC ANALYTICS TO IDENTIFY: Articles that resonate most with people • Articles that impact business metrics

QUANTIFY IMPACT OF COVERAGE ON GOALS: Traffic • Revenue • Market share

MEASURE BRAND VALUE: Awareness • Message pull through • Mindshare

“We’re determined to deliver value like no other PR/marketing firm has done in the past for companies that would normally not have the time or resources to monitor its brand at this level. We believe this combined with our already fantastic track record of success is a win-win for both our our clients and our agency. As a company our goal is to change the narrative around PR, which tends to have a bad rap due to lack of accountability and ability to measure PR’s impact.

Brand communication is more than just shooting out a press release with the latest company news, and content creation is more than just ghost-written blog posts. It’s about developing a voice, a story, a stance and — most importantly — an experience to achieve buzz-worthy, sales-driving results.,” says the company’s CEO Danielle Sabrina.

Tribe Builder Media includes the new analytics service in its monthly PR retainers at no additional cost.

About Tribe Builder Media
We connect the world of business development, marketing, and public relations. Our success through the years has gained the trust of many high-profile clients, professional athletes, and celebrities who look to Tribe Builder Media to incubate new ideas, create buzz and develop strategic partnerships. Our strategy and insight combined with our comprehensive data-driven AI backed analytics software has played an integral part in our client’s achieving prestigious awards such as Inc 500, Forbes Next Billion-Dollar Startup, Entrepreneur 360 among other top-level recognition.

“Results. This is all that I can say about Danielle and her services, she produces results. I sought PR for one of my ventures, and within 10 days an article was produced in a major business publication. I have sadly found that results in this space are what separates good PR firms from those that over-promise and under-deliver.” Aclyd Project (Blockchain)

The company has over a 90% success rate at getting its clients featured in top-tier publications, due to its team’s ability to strategically develop A++ thought leadership, of course, the company’s background in journalism, linguistics and digital marketing certainly helps too!

PR ResultsThe media team digs deep into the thought leadership that has brought the company to where it is today. Its client’s expertise, experience, and passion are then packaged in a way that adds value to the audiences of the top-tier business, news, and entertainment outlets. The company invests in the most comprehensive data-science and AI driven analytics software on the market that they use to regularly benchmark and monitor its clients and track PR results in real-time. The software allows the company to understand the ROI of earned and paid media with accuracy.

About Danielle Sabrina
Starting her career on Wall Street at just 19 years old, Sabrina went on to be one of the youngest equity traders in the industry. After a successful career in financial planning, she went on to found Tribe Builder Media, a hybrid agency that connects the worlds of digital marketing, public relations and experiential marketing. Her experience with a diverse client base, which includes Tech, FinTech, Influencers, NBA and NFL players and other celebrities has garnered Sabrina the reputation of being one of the most sought-after publicists and strategists in media. Her thought leadership has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc., Huffington Post and many others.

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