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The Difference Between Average and Great Content

Business owners are well aware of how important content is to their overall marketing strategy. Good content can draw users to your site and result in new business. Great content, on the other hand, not only leads to new business but also positions you as a thought leader. Taking the extra time to create great content isn’t easy, be sure each piece has these five aspects of great content:

It creates a connection

Just providing relevant information isn’t as useful as offering up something that very specifically speaks to your target audience. Rather than a generic article on the state of an industry or current trends, it pays (often times in new leads) to narrow your focus and choose very definitive topics that match up with specific pain points your target customer is facing.

It’s unique

You don’t want to simply regurgitate the same buzzwords and trendy topics everyone else is writing about. Offering topical information that is difficult to find elsewhere not only draws more interest but also creates a perception of your business as something of a trailblazer.

It’s informal

People get bored quickly when reading dull ad copy that presents plenty of facts but not much else. Sure, these are business posts, so people expect to learn something, but that doesn’t mean they have to be put to sleep by a lot of techno-speak and impersonal jargon. Keep it light and conversational so reading your material won’t feel like work.

It’s flexible

Markets shift, technology changes, methods adapt. Especially in the rapidly-evolving worlds of eCommerce and digital marketing things can change in a heartbeat. Subjects that were topical and edgy last year might already be irrelevant today. Staying open to shifting focus will keep your content from feeling old.

It includes a call to action

Let’s face it, you aren’t putting all this time and money into generating terrific content just to entertain and inform. It also needs to provide measurable progress toward your key targets. Whether your main goal is to generate more traffic, produce leads or drive sales, your call to action is key. Where are you sending people when they click on a link? Think about the users journey on your site, and when it’s appropriate to ask for something (the call to action).

The internet is full of content — so it is crucial to provide something better than the usual in order to separate yourself from the crowd. It only takes a minimal increase in focus and attention to detail to seriously upgrade your content and give your marketing a noticeable boost.


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