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Don’t Go It Internally: 5 Reasons Your Business Should Team Up With a PR Agency

The scrap-heap of today’s globally competitive business space is littered with the remains of companies that provide quality products and services. Your business can be stronger and more efficient than the competition but it won’t matter if none of your potential clients know who you are or what you do. Making contacts is great, yet too many businesses still neglect the larger scope of marketing and PR, either because they lack time, expertise or technology, and often all three. Which is why hiring a professional PR agency to help your business take that final step is crucial. Here are 5 benefits of outsourcing your PR campaign:


Even a full-time in-house PR manager can’t produce the same results as a dedicated PR agency. Usually, it’s simply a matter of resources – unscalable relationships, software, tracking, bandwidth. Good PR companies are fast and efficient, making it possible to implement ideas and see results much faster than you could ever do on your own.

Producing high-quality, effective pitches is extremely time-consuming and difficult for a single in-house PR manager to handle. It’s not just coming up with a pitch, it’s being able to come up with the larger story and hooking your product, service or expertise in with it. When creating pitches, the senior account team is typically on the pitch strategy, even if you have only one point of contact. When you’re paying an agency, you’re getting a team of top talent for the price of the retainer, not a bad investment! For example, for a team to generate 6-8 top-tier pieces per quarter typically will require 20-30 hours per week. Just for the pitches. Few businesses have that kind of time to spare. This is what they do, and all they do. Chances are, they are better at it than you.


It takes time, work and dedication to cultivate long-term relationships with the type of journalists and publications that can really provide an exposure boost for your business. Most businesses are far too busy doing what they do best to put this kind of effort into relationship-building. Even full-time PR managers will struggle to keep this aspect at the top of their task list from day to day, while PR firms deal in much greater numbers and likely already have a number of useful relationships in multiple industries.

Cohesive Efforts

Many businesses realize they can’t handle their marketing on their own but choose to source it out in bits and pieces to multiple different freelancers. If chosen wisely, this can produce useful results, however, managing and coordinating each individual can become a full-time job in itself, and if these freelancers don’t properly coordinate with each other, the entire campaign can wind up looking disjointed, or worse. Not to mention, PR agencies are drastically underutilized when creating internal sales pitches, marketing collateral or campaign objectives. Don’t forget an agency’s an entire business model relies on their ability to close sales over and over again, and often times they’re “selling” not so glamorous products or services. What they’re selling is the CEO or company to a journalist or news outlet that gets absolutely no benefit from writing about you or your story. Integrate your PR team into your internal team, I would be willing to bet you won’t regret it.

It’s an Expense, Not an Investment

Any time you take on staff you need to be prepared to suffer through the training process, as well as pay (in money and time) for more skill development down the road. Using a company that already specializes in what you need to be done eliminates that concern. Also, while not necessarily a deal-breaker, expenses such as payroll costs, health benefits, pension plans, sick days, and vacation time all add up. Not to mention, the cost of hiring a PR professional that will actually be able to get you the results you’re looking for will absolutely cost the same if not more than you would be paying in a retainer. If it doesn’t, it’s not that you found yourself a bargain, what you end up with is someone who probably has some experience in corporate communications and/or at an agency but likely doesn’t have what it takes to really move the needle. Remember, PR is about results. If it’s not getting you results, it’s an expense, not an investment.

Better Leverage Your Earned Media

PR campaigns don’t end at implementation, they require continuous follow-up work to ensure the great exposure that has been gained doesn’t simply fade away. Specialized PR firms have processes in place to turn traffic and leads to tangible business. They also know the difference between average and great content, and can offer helpful edits and recommendations!

In addition to turning PR into sales, it is crucial to stay on top of the strategy on an ongoing basis to ensure everything continues to function as designed. Even just tracking all the different publications, their editorial guidelines and publishing timelines can be a daunting task for one person. PR agencies, however, are probably already doing this as part of their process.

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