Four Keys To Building A Systems-Based Business

 In Forbes Magazine

In this Forbes article, I discuss the importance of scaling your business. If you’re like a majority of small business owners making it past the seven-figure mark is no easy feat. I can tell you first hand it’s going to feel incredibly stressful, and you’ll probably feel like quitting more times than you’d like to admit even to yourself. There’s no doubt that you’ll feel like you can’t get your head above water unless you’ve taken the time to implement systems and technology that increase efficiency, predictability, and accountability. Otherwise, you’ll likely find yourself in constant reactive mode and feel like as soon as you put out one fire, another has already started.

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Most small business owners do not see the immediate value in creating systems that will ultimately simplify the process and bring in forecast able results. This is understandable, as it’s an extra layer of work to design and put your systems in place. To make the process less overwhelming, I suggest looking for a mentor or business coach who has already helped similar businesses to yours and can provide valuable and time-saving advice and structure…continuing reading.

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