Tango Debuts Desktop-Enabled Application

Launching its most requested feature, Tango expands Workflow capture to the desktop.

LOS ANGELES, May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tango, the leading workflow intelligence platform that streamlines the creation of process documentation, today announced the launch of its highly anticipated desktop application to enable Workflow capture outside the browser on both Mac and Windows devices.

Tango provides the capabilities necessary for organizations to standardize best practices, onboard and train new hires more quickly, and improve employee performance. Tango first launched its Chrome Extension in September 2021 to capture digital processes in real-time within the browser. Since September, over 100,000 users have adopted Tango as their documentation solution. The new desktop application will allow Pro-Plan users of Tango’s best-in-class Workflow capture engine to capture actions taken outside the browser. For many organizations, critical operational processes beyond the browser involve applications like Excel, Slack, and Outlook.

With Tango, you can document, share, and iterate on your core processes like never before. Both the Chrome Extension and desktop application provide instantaneous, beautiful step-by-step how-to guides that are easily exported to commonly used knowledge bases and platforms (e.g., Confluence, Guru, Notion). Users have complete control over which processes Tango documents by starting, pausing, and stopping capture with one click. Tango is SOC 2 compliant, a gold standard of security and data protection.

“We’re thrilled to launch our new desktop application. In the nine months since launching, our users routinely expressed their desire to create Workflows outside the browser. With both the Chrome Extension and desktop application, Tango is expanding the surface area of not only our product, but our users’ ability to share their know-how,” said Kees Kluskens, Tango’s Software Engineer leading the desktop project.

“Although a majority of users’ Workflows live in the browser, there are still use cases where desktop capture is essential. As of today, Tango has the ability to create Workflows for anything you do on your computer. That’s powerful,” says Will Liew, co-lead Software Engineer on the desktop application.

Tango for desktop is available in beta starting Tuesday, May 17, as part of Tango’s Pro Plan. Free version users can upgrade to Tango Pro for only $16 per month and save 25% ($12 per month) when choosing to be billed annually.

For more information on Tango and to download the new desktop application, visit https://www.tango.us/pricing

About Tango:
Tango is the premier workflow intelligence platform that helps people be their best at work. Tango provides technology to help teams learn from their top performers, all in the flow of work. Tango’s browser extension and desktop app auto-capture best practices to help teams onboard new hires, coach employees, and facilitate process improvement.

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